AB1810 A defendant charged with a felony may have it dismissed if a
mental health expert persuades a judge the offense resulted from a
treatable mental disorder. “the most irresponsible legislation our
state has ever seen” DA Summer Stephen. A criminal convicted
of a Felony could avoid any prison time and be released into the
public under a mental health professional's supervision. Felonies
are the most serious of crimes and include murder, rape, robbery, assault etc...
Shirley Weber voted for this law, takes effect Jan. 2019


79th California Assembly District


More Water Reservoirs Not Tunnels · More Jobs For Millennials
Affordable, Low Tax, Energy, YES on Prop 6 · End Sanctuary Cities · Stop Election Fraud
Retain Prop 13 · Protect 2nd Amendment · Parental Control of Sex Ed
Expand Home Schooling & Charter Schools

Shirley Weber voted ‘Yes’ on every one of the following Senate and Assembly Bills. I am against all of them.

AB186 Provided for illegal drug consumption (heroin) safe places without fear of prosecution or lost welfare benefits

AB1810 A defendant charged with a felony may have it dismissed if a mental health condition existed at the time of the crime

SB239 Reduces criminal penalties for unprotected sex by those (includes prostitutes) infected with HIV-AIDS

Weber’s signature bill, the Healthy Youth Act 2015, has been used to introduce sex toys and pornographic comic books
to 11 year-olds in SDUSD Sex Ed. Do you want this for your kids? Control must be given back to the parents.

SB1 Raised the California gasoline tax 12cents/gallon ($600 to $700 per family/yr) and Car Registration fee $25
to $175 depending on vehicle. WAKE UP - Gas Taxes have been diverted from roads to other uses for decades!!
SB1 Tax Do you know it AUTOMATICALLY INCREASES EVERY year! Yes on Prop 6!

AB1668 established a 55 gallons/resident/day as the standard for indoor residential water use.
Average use today is over 100 gallons/resident/day!! How would you reduce INDOOR USE over 45%???

AB1668 SEC.3. Section 1846.5 is added to the Water Code:
1846.5. (a) An urban retail water supplier based on drought conditions, can be fined ten thousand dollars
($10,000) each day the violation occurs. Other California Water Law permits the Supplier to pass fines
to residential customers.

My numeric proof, here on this Website, showed California has water over 400% above consumption, no restrictions
or $24 Billion Tunnels needed.

SB285 Prohibits public employers to discourage employees from joining a union.
Public Employees should have the freedom to choose too!

SB54 Sanctuary Cities Act, reduces cooperation between local police and Federal immigration authorities,
interferes with the apprehension of criminal illegal aliens.

AB1008 Prohibits employers from asking job applicants about a criminal history
Shouldn't your bank manager know if a new teller has a criminal history?